Affordable 1 Home Services provides all of your everyday home repair needs under one roof. J.R. Garcia started the company in 2014, on a mission to provide superior workmanship and customer service in Houston, Texas. In 2018 Affordable 1 Home Services expanded into Colorado. Now serving Denver, Grand Junction, and their surrounding areas. We offer commercial and residential roofing, framing, drywall, painting, fencing, and siding services individually. We also provide general contracting services for larger projects.

Recognizing that your home is your biggest investment, Affordable 1 Home Services helps you protect its integrity. From all three locations, our project engineers are happy to answer all of your questions and advise you on best practices for continuing home maintenance. All of our team members actively participate in continuing industry education to provide our clients with the most accurate and up to date information. We will also represent your best interests throughout the insurance claim process.

Storm Restoration

Affordable 1 Home Services specializes in storm restoration. Call after a storm for a free inspection. Roofing materials sustain damage from hail, hard rain, high winds, and fallen tree branches. Resulting roof leaks can cause damage to framing, drywall, paint, doors, windows, or trim. We can repair the roof itself and everything beneath. 

Storm Restoration Cycle

  1. Hail or wind damages the property.
  2. Affordable 1 Home Services conducts a free inspection to identify property damage.
  3. Homeowner and Affordable 1 Home Services make an agreement to repair or replace the roof.
  4. A claim is filed with the homeowner’s insurance company.
  5. The insurance company issues paperwork and the first check.
  6. Affordable 1 Home Services completes the approved work.
  7. Affordable 1 Home Services invoices the insurance company.
  8. Final payment is issued.

Full Service Contractor

Our projects don’t have to start with storm damage. Affordable 1 Home Services is well equipped to make your addition, renovation, and new construction dreams come true. We can also improve your property value upgrading to energy efficient windows and installing new high quality fencing. 

Commercial Services

We extend our full range of services to commercial property customers as well. Trust Affordable 1 Home Services with maintenance and renovation of your residential investment properties and commercial properties. We install and repair TPO and EPDM roofing and take care of everything below.